Looking To Do Your Thesis With Us?

Thinking of collecting your dissertation data with us? That sounds great!

We can offer you a ‘Research Volunteer’ Position. This is a volunteer position that allows you to collect your dissertation data with the full support of our team. You will need to complete a full standard volunteer program with us (partaking in the normal itinerary) but after this, if you wish to stay longer to ensure a strong data set, we can offer you a Research Volunteer position.

In this position you will still be under the supervision and guidance of LTO staff and receive full support as per our volunteering policy, but you will only collect data for your dissertation – you do not participate in all the other activities. This way we can also offer you a lower living cost as you’ll be focusing just on your research. However, this living cost will vary depending on your area of research – i.e research involving boat activities will cost more than land research with little associated costs. This cost will be given to you as a week cost, enabling you to pick and choose how long you’d like to stay with us.

You’ll still be part of the volunteering team, but instead of being in a group that rotates around activities, you’ll be in a group that stays on one. Please see our research page to see what research we currently do. As an LTO volunteer you’ll have full access to our logs.

With regards to choosing a program to participate in:
For more information on our 2 week program please click here
For more information on our 5 week program please click here

If you’re interested in a position like this, please fill in the form below and we can start discussions about your dissertation.