Raising Funds

Although we offer the volunteer program as cheap as possible to make it available to a wide range of people, we understand that it can be difficult to get the funds together. There are a few different ways to do this.


We’ve found one the most effective way of doing this is to take part in activities and raise money like this. Publicise it and generally, the more outrageous it is the more money you’ll get. Whether it’s doing a run or cutting all your hair off – every little helps.

If people do not want to donate since it is helping you go somewhere, you could do it so half of the money you raise is donated to us and you keep half to fund your trip. This has proved successful in the past. As a non-profit organisation, the money you donate will go directly to getting school equipment for the local children, sustainable fishing gear for the local fishermen and scientific equipment. We can show you exactly where your money goes.

Click here for an A-Z of fun fundraising ideas!

If you attend University of Southampton, University of Exeter or University of Falmouth there is a university Love The Oceans society which you can join. Both of these societies (The Exeter and Falmouth on is on the FXU Campus) work to help volunteers fundraise and prepare them for the trip.

Find more information at:
The University of Southampton’s Love The Oceans Society Facebook Page here
Join their society on the union’s page here.
The FXU Love The Oceans Society Facebook Page is here
Join their society on the union’s page here

If there’s a group of you applying for Love The Oceans volunteering and you feel passionately about the cause, you can always set up your own LTO university society. If you do so, please contact francesca@lovetheoceans.org as we’d like to be involved from the start.


Another way is by applying for grants and/or scholarships to help cover your costs. Here are some useful links below:

Volunteer Forever
Go Ennounce
National Geographic
Ferguson Trust
Timmissartok Foundation
Youth Explorers’ Trust
The Captain Scott Society
Jack Petchey Foundation
Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust
Royal Society of Biology

US Residents Only:
Scholar Trips
Go Overseas

University Schemes

Below are a list of the Universities we know have offered some kind of monetary funding for their student to come on a program with us. This is not to say your university does not offer funding, it’s worth checking out if they do if they’re not on this list:

Nottingham Trent University
Newcastle University
York University