Seen the documentary and want to donate?

As a non-profit organisation, donations form an integral part of keeping us running. Your support allows us to achieve our goals of conserving the ocean. Every contribution makes a difference.

Through the Photographers Without Border‘s documentary, we are raising money and removing trash from the oceans. The trash in our area is over 90% plastics and will be removed from the oceans and beaches and re-purposed into ecobricks to be used in the community for a range of infrastructure, like walls at the local schools. The amount you donate will be directly proportional to the amount of trash removed:

$ 20 = 5kg of trash removed
$ 30 = 1 ecobrick created
$ 50 = 2 ecobricks created
$ 100 = 10 ecobricks created
$ 1000 = 10m of wall (200+ ecobricks)

Not sure what ecobricks are? Read about them here.

In 2019 we’re starting the first ever ecobrick initiative in Guinjata, starting with a pilot project in the local schools and then running ecobrick workshops throughout the community, therefore placing a value on trash and helping solve a major environmental problem in our region. Your money will help create these ecobricks to be used in the local community, removing trash and funding vital conservation work.

We’re grateful for as little or as much as you can spare. Thank you.

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