The Team

Francesca Trotman Managing Director
Francesca Trotman
Managing Director and Founder

Francesca Trotman is the managing director and founder of Love The Oceans. With a Masters in Marine Biology she has always had a passion for marine life.

An avid diver since the age of 13, Francesca’s main passion has always been sharks, although she is interested in all aspects of marine life. Having originally visited Mozambique in 2013 for a photography internship, she was inspired to help the local fishermen work towards sustainable fishing. You can see and buy Francesca’s photographs on her website here. Francesca returned in 2014 for 3 months to start research on the artisanal fisheries of Guinjata Bay. In the November of 2014 she founded Love The Oceans to continue her research.

Prior to her visit to Mozambique, Francesca was an avid conservationist, attending meetings and lectures held by the Marine Conservation Society in London, England and has experience in conservation in many places throughout the Caribbean.

Results orientated, Francesca constantly encourages people to consider conservation in everyday life and take a greener approach to modern living. She oversees the majority of the programs in country and spends most of her time in Mozambique. You can contact Francesca directly at



Andrea Biden – Co-Director

Andrea Biden is a Director of Love The Oceans. Holding a Masters in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Harvard, she is a former Partner at a London based strategic sustainability consultancy Irbaris LLP, and was Head of Sustainability with Zurich Insurance Group. Andrea is passionate about corporate and community coastal environment responsibility having grown up on the beautiful beaches of Australia.

A strong proponent of community-based marine protected area (MPA) programmes, Andrea believes in the partnership and placement of local people at the forefront of the planning, implementation and running of marine reserves, providing a sense of ownership and pride in natural resources.

Andrea has been supporting the Love The Oceans team towards mission success and growth since 2015. “Research, education and community engagement is at the heart of the great work Love The Oceans volunteers do, and is essential to the development and realization of any MPA programme” she states says with conviction and a big smile. If you’d like to contact Andrea directly please email her on



Pippa Fitch – Operations Manager

Pippa Fitch is the Operations Manager for Love The Oceans and was out in the field with the 2016 volunteers. She has always been interested in bringing media and science together.

Scuba diving became her passion at the age of thirteen and she secured a Divemaster internship at Just Dive Mauritius in 2012. After this she took up her place at the University of Southampton to study Marine Biology. Having a career that you feel passionately about is something she strives for.

After spending three months researching in Mozambique with her university colleagues, her enthusiasm to protect the oceans grew. She now feels more capable and determined to help bring about a positive change. Her aim is to bring her knowledge of science and her appreciation of the arts together to educate and inspire people, with the aid of media. She wants to give back to the industry that inspired her. If you’d like to contact Pippa directly please email




Lisbeth Damsgaard – Marine Biologist and Venture Leader

Lisbeth is a Love The Oceans Marine Biologist as well as our Venture Leader. She has always had a fascination of marine life, and sharks captured her attention early on. The fascination with sharks developed to into love and appreciation in 2014 when Lisbeth completed a research internship in marine apex predator research in South Africa, working with sharks on a daily basis. The internship ended up serving as fieldwork for Lisbeth’s masters dissertation on great white shark research, and started Lisbeth down her career path as marine conservationist.

Keen to return to Africa and start a career in shark conservation, Lisbeth moved to Mozambique in 2016 to run a community-based conservation project on locally managed sustainable fishing in Praia do Tofo. During her time in Tofo Lisbeth completed a PADI Divemaster internship with a local dive centre gaining valuable in-water experience that led to a position as Whale Shark Research Assistant.

With a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Applied Wildlife Conservation Lisbeth’s research experience includes large-scale restoration of marine ecosystems, ecosystem-based marine management and single species conservation focusing on endangered shark and ray species. In addition to extensive field research experience, Lisbeth has 4 years of teaching experience from universities and aquariums in Denmark and the UK.

Lisbeth joined the Love The Oceans team as Venture Leader in 2017, and will be running the 5-week programmes for the 2018 field season as well.



Mathijs Carmen – Marine Biologist

Mathijs is a Marine Biologist for Love The Oceans. His interest for the marine environment – and sharks in particular – developed at a very young age, when digging for shark teeth on a beach in the Netherlands was his favourite holiday occupation. This early passion lead to him undertaking a Masters degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation in 2016 with his thesis on Bottlenose Dolphin acoustics and foraging behaviour. His key areas of interest are behavioural ecology, trophic ecology and fisheries, especially related to elasmobranchs and marine mammals. After his studies, he worked with sharks in the Turks and Caicos Islands, tagging, and then the Philippines, where he conducted visual observation research on thresher shark behaviour.

During his master program he discovered diving, and was hooked from his first drop beneath the ocean surface. His hunger for gaining experience and knowledge in diving led inevitably him gaining his Divemaster in Madeira, where he was trained up to the level of SSI Divecontrol Specialist.

Now Mathijs works as one of Love The Oceans’ leading marine biologists, helping with research and running our marine programs. His work with Love The Oceans allows him to combine his passion for diving, marine conservation and education in the magnificent area that is Guinjata Bay, Mozambique.




Pascal Nhamussua – In country representative


Pascal Nhamussua is Love The Oceans’ in-country representative. He works in the local schools as a translator as well as helping with the general running of the organisation on the ground.

Mozambique born, Pascal has been with the organisation from the start and has helped hugely with the work in the local schools. A confident public speaker, fluent in Bitonga, Portuguese and English means Pascal is a great team member of Love The Oceans.

Pascal is currently learning to swim and LTO hopes to help him achieve his swimming instructor status as well as his scuba qualifications. He is a natural born teacher and his ability and willingness to help others are key aspects of his personality that make him a perfect fit for this non-profit.





Hannah Williams – Social Media Manager


Having studied Zoology at Leeds University, Hannah joined the Love The Oceans team as a volunteer back in 2016. She then worked as our Conservation Adventure Program Field Specialist through the 2017 season and will be running the CAP program through the 2018 season too. Hannah has a flare for raising public awareness around marine and environmental issues so manages Love The Oceans’ social media accounts, inspiring change and spreading our message.





Jay's Pro Dive Centre


We have a team at Jay’s Pro Dive Centre that add to the experience! You can check their team and dive centre out on their Facebook and website.






Our Safari partner is Ku Sungula Safari Lodge located in the Balule Private Game Reserve, within the Greater Kruger Ecosystem. You can check out their team and lodge on their website. If you opt for the extra week of Safari, you’ll be staying with these lovely people.