University Tour Dates 2016/2017

Want to meet the team and discuss your options? This year Love The Oceans is doing a tour of universities around England doing talks and fairs all over. Be sure to come along if you’re in the area, these talks are open to anyone and everyone! We’re coming to these universities on the following dates:

Aberystwyth University 05/12/2016
Bangor University 09/02/2017, 15/03/2017
Falmouth University 24/11/2016
Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh 10/11/2016
Imperial College London 28/02/2017
Newcastle University 20/10/2016, 04/11/2016, 13/03/2017
Nottingham Trent University 30/11/2016
Plymouth University 23/11/2016, 22/03/2017
Swansea University 29/11/2016, 14/02/2017
University of Aberdeen 10/11/2016
University of Bristol 27/10/2016
University of East Anglia 08/11/2016, 18/02/2017
University of Edinburgh 16/02/2017
University of Exeter, Penryn Campus 24/11/2016, 22/02/2017, 17/03/2017
University of Leeds 13/02/2017
University of Liverpool 28/11/2016
University of Nottingham 30/11/2016
University of Southampton 03/11/2016, 23/02/2017, 09/03/2017
University of St Andrews 11/11/2016
University of Warwick 17/11/2016
University of York 21/11/2016

Specific details of each these talks can be found on our facebook page.

Email for more info. If you’d like us to come and do a talk at your university, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. This list is always growing and updating so please do check back!