New Ocean Trash Campaign!

We’re now launching our BRAND NEW Ocean Trash merchandise line! This line is part of our Ocean Clean Up Campaign and we commit to removing 2kg of trash from the oceans and beaches for every item bought!
Why should you buy one?
– All items are printed by a certified organic company with low-waste digital printing
– Inks used conform to the GOTS/Soil Association organic criteria
– Items are made of organic cotton
– Everything’s manufactured in an ethically accredited, renewable energy powered factory
– Orders are sent out in packaging made from plants. This packaging should be recycled in a normal recycle bin, not composted
– We actively remove 2kg of trash from the beaches and oceans for every item bought

Do your bit for the planet and shop responsibly with us! Be sure to get your order in soon to get your hands on one of our beautiful anti-trash items
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