Francesca Trotman

Founder and Managing Director
Francesca Trotman is the managing director and founder of Love The Oceans. With a Masters in Marine Biology she has always had a passion for marine life. An avid diver for over 15 years Francesca’s a passionate ocean advocate, with a special interest in fisheries. Results orientated, Francesca constantly encourages people to consider conservation in everyday life and take a greener approach to modern living. She oversees the majority of the programs in country and spends her time split between the UK and Mozambique. Francesca is the recipient of Blue Marine Foundation and BOAT International's Ocean Award in the Young Initiative category in recognition of LTO's work.

Andrea Biden

Executive Director
Andrea Biden is a Director of Love The Oceans. Holding a Masters in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Harvard, she is a former Partner at a London based strategic sustainability consultancy Irbaris LLP, and was Head of Sustainability with Zurich Insurance Group. Andrea is passionate about corporate and community coastal environment responsibility having grown up on the beautiful beaches of Australia. A strong proponent of community-based marine protected area programmes, Andrea believes in the partnership and placement of local people at the forefront of the planning, implementation and running of marine reserves, providing a sense of ownership and pride in natural resources.
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Pascoal Nhamussua

Community Outreach Manager and Swimming Teacher
Pascoal is Love The Oceans’ Community Outreach Manager. He leads conservation lessons in our local schools, coordinates community conservation workshops, delivers Portuguese and Bitonga lessons to our volunteers and teaches swimming lessons at the weekend. Mozambique born, Pascoal has been with the organisation from the start and has helped hugely with the work in the local schools. A confident public speaker, fluent in Bitonga, Portuguese and English, and fully committed to LTO's mission, Pascoal is a great team member of Love The Oceans. Pascoal is the first ever Mozambique citizen to qualify as a STA Swimming Teacher and LTO hopes to help him achieve his scuba qualifications. He is a natural born teacher and his ability and willingness to help others are key aspects of his personality that make him a perfect fit for this non-profit.
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Jasmine Roncesvalles

Marketing Director
Jasmine is the Marketing Director for Love the Oceans, helping to shape our strategy, build our brand and engage our audience. She has worked in marketing and business development in the professional services industry for almost 20 years, including Xerox HR services, law firm Baker & McKenzie and accountancy firm RSM. She specialises in developing and improving business development processes and strategy but her passion has always been in the ocean. A plastic-free advocate and keen sailor, she is excited for her love of the ocean and professional life to come together in her voluntary work with LTO.

Bento Nhamussua

Ocean Conservation Champion
Bento is one of our Ocean Conservation Champions (Read more about our OCCs on our Education and Capacity Building page). After joining our swimming program more than 3 years ago, with his determined and dedicated attitude he progressed quickly to our advanced swimming class. Now, at age 18 he took the chance to become one of our OCCs, learning English and soon completing his swimming instructors and scuba diving qualifications to help teach younger children to swim, and to get involved in coral reef research. Bento's enthusiasm for the ocean and eagerness to learn is crucial in his work with Love The Oceans and influences everyone surrounding him.

Mario Guilamba

Ocean Conservation Champion
Mario is one of our Ocean Conservation Champions (read more about our OCCs on our Education and Capacity-Building page). After attending our marine resource management lessons in his free periods, Mario joined our swimming program and quickly moved through the ranks and joined our OCC program. A quick learner, Mario took up English lessons of his own volition as the qualifications we sponsor our OCCs are often sponsored by British companies with much of the materials in English. Since then, Mario has opted to do his swimming instructor's to help with swimming lessons for younger kids, and his scuba diving qualifications to help with coral research.
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Hannah Williams

Social Media Manager and Zoologist
Having studied Zoology at Leeds University, Hannah joined the Love The Oceans team as a volunteer back in 2016. She then worked as our Conservation Adventure Program Field Specialist through the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Hannah has a flair for raising public awareness around marine and environmental issues so manages Love The Oceans’ social media accounts, inspiring change and spreading our message. She's currently undertaking a Masters in Conservation Biology whilst continuing to work with Love The Oceans.

Ursi Marren

LTO Ambassador
Ursi is an Ambassador for Love The Oceans. In 2019/20 she'll be participating in one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other - The Clipper Round The World Race. The Clipper Race is a record breaking 40,000 nautical mile race around the world on a 70-foot stripped down ocean racing yacht. Open to anyone who has a desire to challenge themselves and experience something extraordinary, she knew this was something I had to be part of. While sailing, Ursi will be raising money for our community projects in Mozambique, hoping to raise enough money to build a community pool and enable more kids to learn to swim and enjoy the sea.

Jay's Pro Dive Centre

Diving Partner
The amazing and dedicated team at Jay’s Pro Dive Centre facilitates our marine research. Jay's is an award-winning PADI Gold Star resort and their ethical and environmental policies are one of main drivers of our partnership. You can check out their team and dive centre on their website http://www.jaysprodive.com
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Campfire Academy

Safari Partner
Campfire Academy are our safari partners in South Africa. Campfire is an eco-friendly lodge located in the Balule Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger Ecosystem. They're our partners because of their awesome conservation ethics and environmentally positive ethos.


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