There are many non-profit organisations around the world, so why volunteer with Love The Oceans?

Whether you are an early career scientist, need a break from your desk job, a gap year student or just passionate about marine conservation, volunteering with Love The Oceans will be a life changing experience. This year we’re running a 2 week and 5 week research program, and a 3 week Conservation Adventure Program. Here are a few reasons why you should volunteer with Love The Oceans.

  • We have a marine conservation program for anyone aged 18 or over with any level of experience
  • Qualified marine scientists run our programs
  • Hands on field experience in a beautiful country
  • Once in a lifetime chance to work with a grassroots, micro non profit in a rural, third-world country
  • Chance to collect and use our data for your university project
  • Earn university credit
  • Improve your research skills
  • Have a chance to dive with incredible megafauna
  • Being a smaller organisation means we have stronger links to the local community
  • We keep our prices as low as possible to ensure our opportunities are available to everyone
  • We only work in one country so we have a focussed and achievable goal
  • We're 100% transparent about where the volunteering fee goes
  • We're an ethically sound organisation and partners of the WCA
  • You can be sure you're in safe hands, we're BSI certified
  • Since we're a micro non-profit, you can see the tangible difference you make

We are always looking for great people willing to donate their time to our projects and in return we offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture and the chance to give back to the planet and its community.

LTO volunteers work directly with our marine biologists. We focus on coral reefs, fisheries and humpback whales, which means you will gain a range of field research skills that will carry you forward in your career and build your CV. The research we carry out is new and exciting as no data has ever been collected in Guinjata Bay before. All of the data that LTO volunteers collect is used to lobby for a marine protected area, a shift towards more sustainable fisheries and for the recognition of humpback whales as a valuable marine ecotourism resource for the area. Furthermore, we offer university students the opportunity to use the data they collect and our historic data sets for their final year dissertations.

Love the Oceans is a small, young organisation based in one location. As a volunteer this provides the opportunity to work alongside the founder and managing director, Francesca Trotman and the local community in a rural, third world country. This also means we have a closer relationship with the community we work with. Pascal, our Community Outreach Manager, is from Guinjata and he helps LTO volunteers teach Sea Safety and Marine Resource Management in the local schools.

As an ethical non-profit organisation we do not carry out work that skilled members of the local community can do. LTO fundraisers have provided the money to build classrooms at two of the local schools. The volunteers paint educational murals inside the classrooms however the construction work is done by local builders. This creates jobs and puts money in to the local economy. We only provide education and resources that are not available in the community, with the aim of training a member of the community to teach that skill themselves. To learn more about our ethical policies, click here.

Since 2014 LTO has offered a successful marine science experience for students and passionate conservationists. As key members of the LTO team, volunteers work long days in the field but are rewarded by the tangible difference they make. All of your time and skills are contributing to help conserve the Guinjata Bay area and the positive impacts that LTO has made in the community.

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless”


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