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Love the Oceans is a non-profit marine conservation organisation working in Guinjata Bay, Mozambique since 2014. Guinjata Bay, whilst home to a huge host of marine life, has never been studied in depth for any prolonged amount of time. Love The Oceans hopes to protect and study the diverse marine life found here, including many species of sharks, rays and the famous humpback whales. We use research, education and diving to drive action towards a more sustainable future. Our ultimate goal is to establish a Marine Protected Area for the Inhambane Province in Mozambique, achieving higher biodiversity whilst protecting endangered species.

We offer a cutting edge volunteer program that gives individuals the chance to work along side our marine biologists and the local community, helping with conservation, through research, education and diving over a 2 – 6 week period. For more information please visit our volunteers page.

In 2016/2017 Love The Oceans is doing a tour of UK universities. To see if they’re coming to your university and to see the dates, click here.











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July/August Week 2

Red Team – Rob, Jake, Momo, Emma We started off our week by visiting the schools. We taught classrooms of 60 to 100 children, the three different whales found in Mozambique: the humpback, the sperm and the blue. To represent the immensity of these incredible mammals, we used a 30m tape measure, astonishing the children. … Continue reading July/August Week 2

May/June Week 5

We’re definitely getting very emotional writing this last blog post. We have both become very attached to Mozambique: the people, the culture, the food and especially the diving. This week has been such an amazing week, we’ve had an excellent balance of our normal schedule and little extras to end our 5 weeks working here … Continue reading May/June Week 5

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