Thinking of collecting your dissertation data with us? That sounds great!

We offer a Research Assistant Position. This is a position that allows you to collect your dissertation data with the full support of our team. You will complete a full LTO 4 week research program with us and then if you wish to stay longer to ensure a strong data set, you will become a Research Assistant.

In this position you will still be under the supervision and guidance of LTO staff and receive full support as per our volunteering policy, but you will only collect data for your dissertation – you do not participate in all the other activities. It will be up to you to organise your day to day activities, whether that be extra data collection, processing samples or just collating data.

We can offer you a flat rate living cost, post program of £35 per person per night as you’ll be focusing solely on your research. This price includes:

  • 3 meals per day
  • Accommodation in the volunteer house
  • Use of LTO’s facilities and research equipment
  • Guidance and help from our on-site staff

It is up to you to decide how much longer you’d like to stay on site. Only you can judge how long you’ll need.

You will have access to our historic data set to use in your thesis after signing a data sharing agreement. Please see our research page to see what research we currently do.

Before you come to Mozambique, you need to:

  • Apply for a 4 week program
  • Inform us you would like to collect your dissertation data with us
  • Tell us if you’ll need access to our data sets
  • Tell us which data sets your interested in
  • Send us a proposed title of your project and methodology
  • If your project requires any equipment please send us a list so we can tell you if we have it. If we do not you will need to secure your own research equipment.

It is VERY important to send us the above information BEFORE you join us in Mozambique as our staff will be able to tell you if the project is feasible and may even be able to offer guidance pre-departure.


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