Expedition Blog 03/04/22

Week One

Team: Sophie, Luke, Rhys, Dom, James

Our first day greeted us with lovely warm blue skies and equally lovely Mozambicans over a friendly game of volleyball, the day was spent being introduced to the variety of work that Love The Oceans does, which gave our trip much more purpose.

Tuesday was transect day! Which started with a thrilling boat ride alongside dolphins and a turtle, out to coral gardens. Using GoPros and quadrants the valuable data we collected will go towards conservation of the local marine area, which the coastal community heavily rely on. Therefore, Wednesdays task was helping the fisherman with their kayaks in exchange for photos of their days catch. It was impressive to see such big fish caught using only kayaks and rods.

Another day out on the reef gifted us with stunning diversity of fish and corals which we later got to identify, discovering species we never knew existed! To finish the week we had a relaxing day under the sun at the fisheries again, followed by a cultural tour which introduced us to the wonderful community that calls Inhambane home.

Looking forward to diving over the weekend and another adventure filled week!

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