Expedition Blog 09/04/22

It’s been an awesome couple of weeks with the March expedition. We’re so sorry to see these guys go!

Sophie, Luke, Rhys, Dom and James

Great white sharks, manta rays and dolphins, Where to start! After a few more days of warm weather which treated us into the water for more diverse transects and fisheries surveys where we continued to attempt our Portuguese, Thursday was a surprise! A 4am start does not sound fun, but was definitely worth it! The day started with a fish tagging boat journey where we caught and tagged 4 different fish species, along side dolphins swimming beside us. We were very lucky when a fin then emerged from the water which we soon realised was a Great white shark! It was absolutely incredible, no one would have believed us if we didn’t have such amazing footage!

Later that day we went on an ocean safari, where we followed the drone to see a stunning manta ray! We could not believe it when Francesca shouted that she saw one. We then came back and got ready for a fun intense women’s football match to celebrate national women’s day, the goals were so full of enthusiasm where all supporters would run onto the pitch celebrating and chanting.

And finally Friday, never thought we would enjoy rain! The grey clouds came in as the rain began which we sat and watched as it glided across the coast.

Definitely an unforgettable experience that we will hold with us for a lifetime!

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