Expedition Blog 10/06/2023

After our long journeys we were happy to find each other at Maputo Airport. We travelled to Inhambane where friendly faces greeted us and welcomed us at the airport. The car journey from Inhambane to Palm Resort was our first introduction to the beautiful sites of Mozambique. A stop at the local petrol station came with fresh coconuts from the friendly locals. Much appreciated!

The first few days have been mostly lectures about the animals, people and culture of Mozambique. This was interrupted very quickly as we were greeted by our first humpback whales sighting which was very exciting. On Monday afternoon the realities of ocean trash was brought to life by a quick walk on the beach. Most afternoons meant an introduction into the game fishing industry and sport by sitting and collecting data in their 2pm weigh ins Tuesday-Friday.

After some delicious dinners with Cassava, we were greeted back at house with some froggy friends in the toilet! Admittedly after the dangerous animals lecture, toilet frogs are the least of our worries! 🙂

Thursday’s morning 5:30am to the fisheries site was worth it for the sunrise and mother and calf humpback whale sightings.

Looking forward to getting in the water for more dives soon.

~ Alice, Gaby, Lindsey ~

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