Expedition Blog 23/04/2023

It’s time to say goodbye to Izzy and Sam, and what a wonderful 2 weeks it’s been! Here’s what they have to say about their last week with us….

Sunday was a fun day where we travelled up to tofo beach, tried surfing for a couple of hours and had a lovely beach side massage. We then had a some good food and a look at the local market.

After familiarising ourselves with fisheries and lecture content, we started working on coral surveys and transect lines. Monday was my first dive in Mozambique and it was great to be back under the water again. Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of 2 daily dives while practicing laying out a coral transect and quadrat analysis. We recorded it using a GoPro to analyse and identify species with dichotomy keys and several ID books. This took a long time to finish, but I personally found it super fun and helpful which would be of great use in the future! I managed after the transect dive was complete to find an octopus which was cool!

Thursday and Friday consisted of planning lessons for a local school in Guinjata, as well as painting an ocean themed wall. This was also really fun as we got to plan out our lessons on topics that were unique and interesting. The only challenge was making sure the students understood the lesson and to make it more interactive. This helped me with my confidence and public speaking skills, as I felt a little bit nervous before teaching but I felt great afterwards! Friday, also started with some more of up-cycling project.

Francesca taught Sam and I some tips on astral photography using my Canon m10. The pictures turned out great during the clear sky! I will definitely be taking more photos of the stars in the future using those tips.

We’re so sad to see Izzy and Sam go, but hope to welcome them back some day!

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