Expedition Blog 05/06/22

Here at Love the Oceans we have just started our 5 week expedition in beautiful Mozambique. 

On Sunday we touched down in Inhambane and settled in nicely to our beachfront lodge accommodation. The next morning we received a distressed call from a yacht and attempted to locate the vessel from land! Tuesday involved an exciting day filled with paddle-boarding and snorkelling (lets just say helicopter turns are harder than they look).

On Wednesday we got our first glimpse of field work, out collecting fisheries data which we later imputed onto the data sets. Our first dive took place on Thursday which entailed surveys, measuring cryptic and non cryptic species which were followed by quadrate surveys. We spent the afternoon identifying fish and coral genus’. Friday was world children’s day, which involved the highlight of the week, visiting a local pre school where we were introduced to the children and had a morning of fun and games. 

We enjoyed a relaxed weekend of diving and an exciting cultural tour where we collected cassava plants, learnt how to make Matapa and ate more fiosos than we care to admit! Our hosts were super welcoming and we ended our first week in Mozambique in high spirits. Looking forward to our next week here at Love the Oceans. 

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