Expedition Blog 03/07/22

So our last week has finally arrived and we can’t believe it has come around so quick. This week was all things Whales and diving. After some pretty poor weather we were all itching to get back in the water (no matter how rough some of the boat journeys were).

Some of us spent the mornings on a balcony watching for Whales and recording behaviour patterns. It turns out trying to track animals that spend a considerable amount of time underwater can get a little confusing! South African winter holidays has officially begun and it’s nice to see some more people spending time on the beach and supporting the local businesses.

Monday’s highlight was the participation in an egg olympics that involves a series of, you guessed it, egg based games. It’s safe to say we were glad the eggs weren’t raw.

As in some previous weeks, fisheries days on Monday and Tuesday were disappointing with either no fisherman going out or trying but failing to catch anything.

Thankfully as the weather improved throughout the week we were able to do coral reef surveys Thursday and Friday, as well as recording whale songs on the hydrophone.

As the last day comes around we are all quite sad to leave, and many hugs were exchanged as we finished our final dinner together. All in all, it was an amazing experience that we’ve all been glad to be a part of.

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