October 1st 2021

What a weekend! Due to some visa renewals our numbers were dwindling so Lisa, Francesca and I went to check out Tofo and rent out some surf boards that we can use back at the resort. We also managed to do this on a national holiday so the place was packed! After a quick surf, some passionfruit cake and a coffee we are feeling on top of the world 🤤

To top it all off we stopped for a drink at a bar to watch an incredible sunset from the deck. We managed to snap up the prime location before other people came to also catch the views. Lots of people were there with their cameras, and one man managed to knock another man’s camera off the deck with his belly. A personal highlight…

This week we sadly witnessed our first shark catch. 6 hammerheads pulled out in one go. As well as this catch we had to help a group of fisherman pull their boat out, then log around 100 fish. It was chaotic but we’d been preparing for this since the first week, and safe to say we managed it!

After a couple of days in the sun, I, (speaking from experience as a pale red head), was relieved to escape the UV-fireball by placing a healthy barrier of sea between the two of us on a coral dive. I’m feeling incredibly comfortable in the water now to the point I feel calmer under the water then above now. To end the day, Lisa made a delicious vegetarian lasagna 🤤. I’m not sure the South Africans noticed it didn’t have meat which is always a compliment 👀

Thursday we had some time off to rest and relax. It did also give me the opportunity to plan and cook for everyone which is always enjoyable!  Especially as they have been cooking for me, it’s nice to give back. I think the two volunteers can carry themselves in the kitchen, that’s for sure!

Two coral dives today! A double dive without coming back. Meaning we have to load up on canisters and change on the boat. It was easy enough although I did feel a bit sea sick 🤢.

Two dives means a lot of logging! Currently while writing this we are trying to get the GoPro to behave as we are having technical difficulties… might be a long one tonight… but! I’m also cooking again, so hopefully it’ll go well. Hoping to hear about how amazing the food was last week in next weeks blog.. Guess I’ll have to wait and see 💁🏻‍♂️

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