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During this pandemic we’re not able to carry out much of our research and all of our community work. We’ve therefore shifted some of our focus to our online presence so our Founder has done some podcasts recently you may be interested in:

Conservation Careers Podcast
Nick Askew from Conservation Careers uncovers what it’s like to work in wildlife conservation. He explores how to get a conservation job, and discusses the latest industry news, by speaking to professional conservationists who share their career stories and advice.

Water Women Podcast
A podcast for and about women involved in the oceans in some way, ocean sciences, ocean lifestyle, all of it! If you’re a fan of the oceans, listen in every week for something new about the ocean life!

This Ocean Life Podcast
Fishing, diving, surfing, paddling, spearfishing, sailing, anything in the ocean. This Ocean Life is a weekly podcast series capturing the stories and life times of people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Hosted by Josh Pederson / @surfpaddletailgate.

Zero to Travel Podcast
The Zero To Travel Podcast is packed with inspiration and advice for everyone from travel newbies to nomads. Our mission is to help you fill your life with as much travel as you desire, no matter what your situation or experience. Inspiration, practical advice and life-changing perspectives are just a click away. 

Eco-Conscious Diver Podcast
As divers and ocean lovers, shouldn’t we be the best advocates for a healthy ocean and planet? In the midst of climate uncertainty, it’s time to redefine what it means to enjoy nature, recalibrate our measurements of progress, and dream up the world that we do want for our lifetimes and the generations after us. 

Enjoy! Be sure to follow our instagram @lovetheoceans for daily updates of what’s going on and how you can get involved.

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