September 24th 2021

Our second week started with a beautiful cloudless sunrise, which totally made up for the early rise to get to the day’s fishery survey site. While trying to use some of the Portuguese words we managed to learn so far, we helped with data on catches the local fishermen brought in – measuring the organisms, taking pictures and identifying the species.

In between, we had time to enjoy the view – or work on our mobility with a relaxing Yoga session. Thanks to the our partnering dive centre, Jay’s Pro Dive, we were able to do our advanced open water alongside the program, which has given us the opportunity to see more dive sites. Our deepest dive so far was on Manta Reef, and it was just breathtaking. The sheer number of fish, sea stars, sea urchins, corals, turtles and other organisms was stunning! 

This week we also had the opportunity to learn more about how people in Mozambique live, learn more about the schools Love The Oceans works with, and farming on the cultural tour… and of course we didn’t miss out on any tasty coconuts!

During our whale observations on the boat using hydrophones and on the deck, we could see that our humpback activity has decreased compared to this time last year as well as the previous weeks, for which we don’t know the exact reason yet. 

This week, I also learned how frustrating conservation work can be at times: after a one hour beach cleanup where we would try and log all kinds of plastic, we had only covered a small passage on the beach while new ocean plastic would swamp up.I really appreciate the insight we get in LTOs work, goals and struggles and I admire the passion, drive and creativity with which new paths and improvements are constantly sought. 

Written by one of our 5 week expedition participants. Tune in next week to hear all about their 3rd week of the program!

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