Expedition Blog 04/09/22

Week four. How did that happen?! Time flies, but it seems like we’ve been here forever at the same time!

This week we have had some epic whale interactions from the boat, with humpback whale mothers and their calves surfacing less than 6metres from us. We also had a calf breaching 5metres from the boat, which was obviously awesome!! We followed the whales’ movements by watching their ‘footprints’. The glassy, smooth circle left on the surface as they propel forward using their powerful flukes (tails)*.

We carried out three successful transect dives this week, and even managed a couple of nudibranch surveys (just for you, Tom!). We also continued with our Advanced PADI training, gaining confidence all the time.

We’d like to thank Carlos, Ernesto, Badro, Alceno, and the kitchen staff at The Upper Deck bar and restaurant for looking after us. They always put a smile on our faces with their welcoming, chirpy personas, and always put lots of effort in to make sure all our mealtimes are enjoyable and easy. The local cuisine is delicious, and they have gone above and beyond to cater for everyone’s needs.

One more week to go. We will savour it. Excited to see what our last week brings.

Shane, Emily, Bex and Bennath

*Ocean Odyssey, The ‘Footprint’ of a Whale

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