Expedition Blog 09/04/23

We’re so sad to be saying goodbye to Will and Melina who joined us for the past 2 weeks. You’ll always be part of the LTO family! This is what they had to say in their final week…

Are you passionate about the oceans? We certainly are! This week has been off to an incredible start with the company of bottlenose dolphins while diving! Can you imagine how breathtaking that was? Every dive seems to bring us new rewards.

Our focus this week has been on transect line species identification. While the filming part was brief, identifying the various species took us some time at the table. However, with each dive, we became faster at recognizing the wonderful creatures of the ocean. Additionally, we conducted fisheries research and had a successful interaction with local fishermen, registering some of their catches.

We also had the opportunity to visit a local school and teach the students about the biodiversity, food chain, and magnificent creatures of the sea, such as whales.

Our time here has been packed with new experiences, making it difficult to say goodbye. Today is our last day, and we plan to end this incredible journey by celebrating National Women’s Day with the LTO.

In conclusion, our love for the oceans has only grown stronger during this trip. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and explore, and we hope to continue making a positive impact on our planet’s precious marine environment.

~ Will and Melina

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