Expedition Blog 23/07/2023

Week 3 kicked off with a snorkelling transect at Coral Gardens along with a beach clean. After immersing ourselves in the marine life of Inhambane, we set off to experience the local culture the following day. Our cultural tour began with visiting the schools in the area followed by a trek to some cassava plantations. After harvesting some cassava leaves and root we made our final stop at Pascoal’s house where we all got together to make dinner. We cooked the group’s favourite, Matapa served with rice and fell in love with fiosas, a deep fried dough which everybody found to be very delicious. The evening was spent playing football with the kids in the area and having a well earned meal.

The rest of the week team panic-at-the-reef assisted Pascoal at the schools, teaching a full classroom of children about sea turtles and painting a beautiful octopus mural on the school wall. Team my-nudibranch-romance had their last transect dive and wished the other team a successful dive for next week.

We can’t believe 3 weeks has passed of this expedition! We look forward to the last week but don’t want to say goodbye just yet!

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