Expedition Blog 09/07/2023

It’s the first week of our July program and it’s been packed full of activities…

We kicked off the week with a series of engaging lectures on the work that Love the Oceans do here in Jangamo, delving further into topics such as fisheries, corals, nudibranchs and more. We were also given an intriguing talk on the dangerous animals inhabiting Inhambane, with a special shout-out to Barry the Bat for diligently keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

After the enlightening sessions at the start of the week, a group of us ventured to Pandaine, where we witnessed local fisherman preparing their gear for the days catch. It  was a great experience as we learned how to collect crucial fisheries data.  We also had the opportunity to have conversations with the fishermen whilst we lent a hand in pushing their boats out to sea. Simultaneously, another group among us completed their Open Water qualifications! In the evenings, we all came together for an entertaining quiz, putting our newfound knowledge from the week’s lectures to the test whilst showcasing our general knowledge (or the lack thereof). These gatherings also provided an opportunity to taste the local cuisine, exploring the variations of the cassava.

Towards the end of the week, Francesca ran a breathing workshop where she introduced us to some of the free diving techniques and embracing the art of breath control.

To culminate a great week, we embarked on our very first fun scuba dive. Our exploration of just a small part of the reefs here in Guinjata Bay rewarded with us with encounters of two cuttlefish, a turtle, a lobster, nudibranch and much more. Following our exciting dive, we prepared for a second dive to complete our first underwater transect, however the strong currents thwarted our plans. Nevertheless, it was a great end to the week and we are all excited for the weeks to come. 

Looking forward to the rest of the program! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store….

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