October 8th 2021

Unbelievable, our fourth week is already over … time just flies out here!

This week was again full of fishery, coral reef and ocean plastic surveys. It’s nice to see how not only the conduction of the surveys gets so familiar but also the logging afterwards, which is no longer as time consuming as it was at the beginning (we are considering ourselves fish experts now ;D). Being able to name more and more organisms on our dives does feel rewarding. 

This week was also full of adventures, some fun ones and one rather semi fun one; let’s start with that. On our mission to renew our visas in Maxixe, we found out that they had changed the procedure and as a result we spent the day there trying to organise copies and notary stamps. On the plus side though, we pretty much emptied the bakeries cake and pastry collection… very delicious!

For our next adventure, we packed up the SUPs, snacks and papaya and went on an idyllic paddling trip on a river through palm trees and mangroves. Five hours later, we arrived at our destination – exhausted but happy (and muddy :D). What an experience to end the week!

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