Expedition Blog 19/06/2022

We spent our third week at Guinjata primary school. We spent the mornings painting the newest classroom and the afternoons teaching. On the outside of the building we painted an ‘under the sea’ mural. This included Turtles, Chocolate Dips, Sea Goldies and more benthic organisms such as rocks, Crabs and Starfish. On the inside, we painted a times tables grid to aid with learning (which due to a tape measure error proved to be more complicated than you’d think!).

Teaching consisted of different themes lessons each day such as Whales, Turtles, Sharks and Coral reefs which Pascal (the community outreach manager) translated into Portuguese. It was really fun to be more interactive and engaging with the children whilst educating them on local marine life.

On Friday night whilst participating in a pub style quizz we noticed bioluminescent waves. We made it down to the beach for an experience we won’t soon forget.

Whale season is also in full swing here allowing us to see daily whale blows from our accommodation and the beach. While on a fish tagging trip with the local fishing charter team, we were lucky enough to ride along a pod of around 15 humpbacks in a mating chase for around an hour! This ended the week on a high and we look forward to many more encounters as more whales continue their migration.

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