Turtle Nest Guard Sponsorship


Turtle Nest Guard Sponsorship


Sponsor one of our guards to guard one of our turtle nests which are incubating now! We have 3 loggerhead and 1 leatherback nests.

Loggerhead Nest 001
Samuel Nhauche
He is 28 years old. Before becoming a turtle guard, Samuel was a spear fisherman and line fisherman. He supports two children and his wife.
Francisco Nhampossa – He’s 43 years old. Before being a turtle guard he was a spear fisherman and line fishermen. He supports four children, two nephews and a wife.
Inácio MuhalaneHe is 39 years old. Before becoming a turtle guard Inácio was a spear fisherman. He also sells souvenirs to tourists in high season. He supports his mother, his three children, and his wife.

Leatherback Nest 002
Bonifácio Marrengula – He is 50 years old. Before becoming a turtle guard, Bonifácio was a net and spear fisherman. He is also involved in the development of our sustainable fishing project and understands the importance of our oceans and their creatures. Bonifácio supports his eleven children and his wife.
Samuel NhaguilunganeHe is 46 years old. Before becoming a turtle guard Samuel worked in construction. He supports six children, one brother.
Deocliciano NhaguilunguaneHe is 20 years old. When Deocliciano is not guarding the turtles, he’s a student and sells seafood to tourists in December. Due to his age he doesn’t have many dependents but lives with his mother and two brothers and his wife.

Loggerhead Nest 004
Lucas Albino Cumbi
– He is 33. Before Lucas became a guard he was a fisherman. He supports 3 children.
Luís Ernesto Nhauche – He is 33 and was also a fisherman before guarding the turtles. He supports 4 children & a wife.
Pedro Raimundo Nhauche – He is 36 and was a fisherman before guarding. He supports 3 children and a wife.

Loggerhead Nest 005
Six Cuamba Nhaguilunguane
– He is 33. Before becoming a turtle guard, Six was a fisherman. He supports 3 children and his wife
Raimundo Jorge Nhambiri – He is 19 and a student living with his grandparents.
Elton Rungo Guilamba – He is 24 and is a fisherman, as part of our sustainable fishing initiative. He supports 1 child & a wife.

Select which guard from which turtle nest you would like to sponsor and we will send you your digitalised sponsorship pack within 24hrs from purchase. A perfect gift for any ocean lover…or a treat for yourself and the turtle babies!

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