Whale Shark Adoption Pack


Whale Shark Adoption Pack


Munchkin – this small male was first spotted in November 2011 and has been sighted in the coastal waters of Tofo, north of our base, as well as right on our doorstep! Munchkin has been spotted feeding numerous times, hence his name.

Nemo – this male was first sighted in December 2010 in Mozambique and has been sighted both in Tofo and further south from our research base. Because Nemo is a smaller shark, he doesn’t like as many people in the water with him and doesn’t hang around to swim with humans.

Wolfgang – Wolfgang was spotted at Island Rock, further south from our research base, on 10th August 2018. We don’t know which sex Wolfgang is yet, and so far there are no matches in the database. Wolfgang was travelling when they were spotted, hanging out with a few Prodigal Son fish.

Anton – Anton was first spotted 12th September 2014 by our Founder, and was one of the first ever whale sharks recorded by LTO! We’re not sure of Anton’s sex yet but when sighted he seemed to be going places, travelling quite fast!

Chica – Named for our amazing, whale-shark-spotting skipper by 2 of our volunteers, China is 6m in size. Chica hasn’t been matched with any previous records yet, and was first spotted swimming very slowly in Guinjata, by our research base, having a rest.

PergoPergo was first spotted in Mozambique in 2012, about an hour north of our base. He is a fairly well documented individual with over 28 sightings since 2012. Pergo likes to eat – almost every time he’s been spotted he’s been actively feeding at the surface.

Select which whale shark you would like to adopt and we will send you your digitalised adoption pack within 24hrs from purchase. A perfect gift for any ocean lover…or a treat for yourself and the whale sharks!

**Please remember to specify who you’d like the certificate to be addressed to at check out.**

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