See Change Now: Changing the equine world one shampoo bar at a time

Why are See Change Now connecting with Love the Oceans to help reduce plastic waste?  Brand Ambassador Alice Lamming explains

Alice from Dark Horse Eventing got chatting to Catherine at See Change Now because she’d taken on two rescue pygmy goats whose coats were in a bad state and didn’t know what to use on their skin to help them. She bathed them with the See Change Now shampoo bar and said the difference in their coats within a week was amazing. She went on to use the bar on her horses, dogs and other goats. Alice said, “As I’ve got older, I’ve become more aware of the environment and our lifestyle as horse riders. We’re all animal lovers and predominately countryside lovers, but there are a lot of aspects of the horse industry that are not environmentally friendly. Working with See Change Now has allowed me to see where I can make small changes that will contribute to helping our planet, and has challenged me to address other aspects of my life I can adjust. I love the product as along with the ethos of it, it leaves my horses and animals coats in an amazing condition. My horse has a black coat and an eye-catching shine but is quite sensitive in his skin. Now paired with See Change Now he looks better than ever and hasn’t had any sensitive flare ups in months.”

Getting the balance right between using products fit for the job and that reduce the environmental impact is of great importance to Alice.  Living by the sea, managing her horse’s fitness by riding regularly on the beach means she know first hand what and how much rubbish gets washed up on our shores.  Those of us that live on our island’s shores are reminded daily of the increase in plastic waste, so we wholly support any form of conservation and research that promotes the environmental message.  We all need to change.

Who is See Change Now?

See Change Now are a small company creating Horse and Dog shampoos in a bar. It’s luxurious animal shampoo, in a form that is just as kind to the earth as it is to sensitive skin, with a strong ambition to reduce single use plastic at home that extends out to the yard.   Our horses and dogs are members of the family and whilst there are many ways to reduce single use plastic in the home, there appeared to be very little existing opportunity on the yard.

Alice, from Dark Horse Eventing

Why are they different?

There’s absolutely no plastic involved in the product; no plastic bottle, less packaging and it’s 100% bio-degradable*. As a concentrated bar, it lasts three times as long as normal horse and dog shampoo.

*See Change Shampoo bars are SLS Free, Paraben Free and PEG Free and 100% Vegan.  The majority of shampoo for animals or humans is 80% water, so solid products reduce plastic waste but also have a lower carbon footprint as they avoid the transport of needless water.  See Change Now really does provide a huge environmental saving.

Making a change

As a company, we want to share the message to the animal-loving community and make a change to reduce our carbon footprints. Not only do we want to have a brilliant product that works, but also reduce our plastic consumption. As horse owners, we can make changes on the yard that make a difference. Like using a reusable coffee cup, recycling our feed and bedding bags, or change to suppliers that use environmentally friendly packaging. We can be frugal and repair tack and rugs rather than buying new, or buy second hand and source sustainable clothing. These are just a few small changes that can make a whole lot of difference within a large community.  And supporting charities like Love the Ocean could not be more in tune with that message.

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Website | Facebook: See Change Now | Instagram: Seechange_Now

Alice @Dark Horse Eventing

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