August/September Program Week 4 & 5



This week saw a break from our research routine, with our days spent at the local primary schools. Prior to the weeks start we were assigned the topic of ‘The coral reef ecosystem’ to teach to the children.

Monday morning showcased the volunteer’s artistic talents during the painting of a coral reef on the side of Guinjata primary.  Later that afternoon we returned to give our first lessons with Pascal.


On Tuesday we returned to Guinjata and set the boys on painting numbers on the classroom walls. These would later be used in school maths lessons. The girls were able to finish their coral reef.

With the previous days practice Tuesday’s lessons went very well. Despite being far from their comfort zones the group got into the swing of things when giving lessons to the kids. The school children were very enthusiastic and treated us to much fun and laughter throughout the day. We very much enjoyed playing games with them outside.


On Wednesday morning we picked up Pascal and the gang headed over to Paindane primary school. The local community has asked for a mural of Mozambique’s national holidays which proved to be quite the challenge. Still we managed to paint 2 of the holidays and were happy with how they turned out.

Wednesday afternoon we gave our first lesson to the Paindane school kids.


Sadly we had to leave Keelan to himself today. The three of us hit the road to Maxixe for a visa extension, while Keelan joined Mat to hit the Guinjata fisheries to collect more shark data.

Thursday afternoon we returned to Paindane primary to conclude the weeks teaching. The school kids particularly love the underwater videos we took while diving on their reefs.


SKOOLZ OUT!!! With Friday being a national Mozambique holiday the school kids were nowhere to be seen. This meant a busy day of painting for the four of us. We returned to both primary schools to finish off our previous masterpieces, ensuring no mural was left unfinished.

Fourth week done and we couldn’t ask for a better group op volunteers. Despite being a team of only 4, our August volunteers managed to keep their motivation up and continue impressing us with their everyday effort and team spirit. Painting and teaching at the schools was very successful and we’re extremely happy with the work they’ve done. Teaching is sometimes challenging and a bit out of volunteers’ comfort zones yet it proved a very rewarding experience for all of them. Unfortunately we’re on to our last week of research before we have to say goodbye to this great group. Let’s get ready for some more data collection, a fun dive here and there and some cosy documentary/movie nights.


Monday: The penultimate Paindane day. Now back into the final week of research the gang headed over for another day of fisheries research.  Today was a very windy day and with choppy seas few fisherman were seen. With the work load light for the day the vols retired to the house early for a night of movies

Tuesday: Today saw the end to the research diving aspect of the program. All the volunteers kitted up for one last coral survey. Overall very pleasant dives were had and we were sad to see it go.

Wednesday: Saw a day out at sea as the 4 of us spent the day on the water whale watching. We were treated to the sights of many whales. And even a pod of dolphins on the way out of the bay.

Thursday: The final trip to Paindane bay. Today while joined by Mat we decided to take part in a coral reef survey. We grabbed our snorkels and cameras and headed over to Coral Gardens just off from the bay. The coral was stunning and it easily passed a few hours of the day swimming round recording the sightings of the beautiful juvenile fish.

Friday: Sadly the end has come. As a celebration the group headed out on an early morning fun dive. In the afternoon we were treated to the Love The Oceans’ Beach Olympics. Various obstacle courses, sporting and mental challenges gave way to the victor Keelan.

Our program officially ended on the beach finalising our ‘Art for Awareness’ project.

A fond farewell to the wonderful leaders for having us 😊

Alice, Keelan, Lucy and Sam

It’s been wonderful having Alice, Keelan, Lucy and Sam with us for the past five weeks! Throughout the entire program our little group has been happy and self-motivated, blown us away with their creativity (just check out their murals and plastic projects!), and provided lots of laughs over card games, fancy-dress parties, and Beach Olympics. Tchau and thanks for now, you’ll all be missed!

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